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TourDCwithUS LLC, a family based company in Washington, DC. is continuously monitoring the coronavirus with the support of our medical and risk management partners. We understand you have questions and  feel frustrated about tour cancellations so we have created some Frequently Asked Questions to better help you stay informed. Will my tour or program be cancelled? As of now, all of our schools that were scheduled to come in the spring of 2020 have decided to cancel following the guidelines of their districts. We understand that safety is the number one concern now. A few have decided to move their dates to the fall, some schools have simply postponed until the next Spring of 2021. Why can't I get a full cash refund?

  • We do not keep your money. Group travel programs require a significant amount of upfront planning and financial investment to secure the best trip experiences for our travelers at the best price, and that’s why we collect money far in advance. Our standard refund policy is based on the nature of our unrecoverable investment when a trip is cancelled.

  • TourDCwithUS has strict refund policies under our Terms and Conditions. This is why we encourage all of our schools to sign up with our third party insurance: Insuremytrip.com with CFAR option (Cancel For Any Reason). Any schools that have declined insurance to keep the cost of the tour low has to comply with our refund policies.

So I lost all my money? No, we are working on refunding as much as we can. Even though we have strict refund policies, and are not liable,  we understand that this is an unprecedented event and we are all hurting, we are a family too. We are working with Vendors and applying for Loans in order to refund as much possible to our school families. But we need time. We ourselves are in quarantine, working from home, we as many of you have lost all income, our tour industry has literally vanished. Please understand, we are working as fast as we are allowed to. Insurance? TourDCwithUS LLC uses a third party insurance, Insuremytrip.com. It is an additional cost to the tour and it includes CFAR (Cancel for any reason) This is the best way to protect your trip in cases like the ones we are experiencing now. CFAR refunds 75% of any payments you have made to us. The majority of our schools have already begin their claims successfully. What about the insurance from WeTravel? We only use WeTravel as our Credit Card and Payment processor. TourDCwithUS has nothing to do with the insurance they sell on their site or links. The insurance we offer through InsureMyTrip.com is a group insurance proposed to the school before we take any initial payment. How can we reach you? We are a family business and even though we are taking a larger number of calls we are trying to be as available as possible. Feel free to email us or call us any time. Lorna Holland and Dante Zambrano 571.239.3889. Please leave a message if you can't reach us, we will call you back asap. Text us as well, if you can. What will you be doing to keep students safe on tour? For programs in process and when our tours and events resume, we are working to refine some of our procedures to prevent the spread of germs and to be ready for any emergencies.

  • We have implemented additional training for our staff to encourage best hygiene practices to prevent the virus. 

  • We’ve been in touch with motor coach and hotel partners, and they are educating their staff about additional cleaning to prevent the spread of germs. In addition, we have asked them to have extra supplies of hand sanitizer available for our travelers to use during their trip. We are following news closely from cities and other local officials about efforts to improve cleanliness in many of the destinations where we travel.

  • We’ve revised our health and safety protocols, outlining how to immediately engage our resources if corona-virus is suspected. 

Safe practices for Motor-Coach and Tour Guides:

  • Bus company will clean, wipe every seat before meeting the Group

  • Bus company will make sure the drivers have not shown any symptoms of COVID-19 and appear in good health for at least two weeks before the tour

  • Disinfectant wipes will be on the bus for group to use

  • We will provide easy to carry small hand sanitizers to every single student

These are safe practices we are implementing on all of our Tours:

  • Students will wipe their seats, surrounding areas, including their cellphones every single time we load the bus

  • We will avoid mixing with other groups while we are out at Monuments and Memorials

  • While on tour students will always stay with their chaperones. This will help minimize student contact with other schools and strangers. It will also help chaperones monitor that best practices are in place

  • Please be aware of what you and your students are touching: handrails, trays, exchanging money, souvenirs, etc. Always carry your hand sanitizer and wash your hands constantly

These are a few of the guidelines we are implementing on all of our tours to make sure your students stay safe and healthy. We will still carry on with our normal Itinerary mixing fun and learning and making sure your kids have an unforgettable trip to Washington, D.C. What can I do to stay healthy? To keep yourself and others safe and healthy: ​

  • Comply with special instructions issued by local officials.

  • Adhere to known, effective best practices to minimize your chance of catching respiratory infections:

  • Do not touch any part of your face without first washing your hands.

  • Avoid contact with persons who are already ill.

  • Avoid unnecessary touching of other persons (e.g. shaking hands in greeting) and limit touching publicly-shared surfaces where possible. 

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

  • Carry hand sanitizer (60-95% alcohol) and use it for situations where hand washing might not be possible.

  • When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with a tissue or in your elbow.

Any Questions? Please email us at grouptours@tourdcwithus.com 

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Safe practices for Motor-Coach and Tour Guides: · Bus company will clean, wipe every seat before meeting the Group · Bus company will make sure the drivers have not shown any symptoms of COVID-1