• Dante and Lorna


Safe practices for Motor-Coach and Tour Guides:

· Bus company will clean, wipe every seat before meeting the Group

· Bus company will make sure the drivers have not shown any symptoms of COVID-19 and appear in good health for at least two weeks before the tour

· Disinfectant wipes will be on the bus for group to use

· We will provide easy to carry small hand sanitizers to every single student

These are safe practices we are implementing on all of our Tours:

· Students will wipe their seats, surrounding areas, including their cellphones every single time we load the bus

· We will avoid mixing with other groups while we are out at Monuments and Memorials

· While on tour students will always stay with their chaperones. This will help minimize student contact with other schools and strangers. It will also help chaperones monitor that best practices are in place

· Please be aware of what you and your students are touching: handrails, trays, exchanging money, souvenirs, etc. Always carry your hand sanitizer and wash your hands constantly.

These are a few of the guidelines we are implementing on all of our tours to make sure your students stay safe and healthy. We will still carry on with our normal Itinerary mixing fun and learning and making sure your kids have an unforgettable trip to Washington, D.C.

We can only hope that this will all pass quickly and with minimal loss of life over the next month or two. Travel industry recovery will depend on tourists, and we hope that your families will be part of that recovery.

If you have any additional suggestions, or questions, please call us any time.


Lorna Holland and Dante Zambrano


+1 571 239 3889

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