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Lorna Holland, Dante Zambrano Cassella, and Arlea Giovanna


At our core, we stand apart from the crowd of big tour companies. To many, you may be just a statistic, but to us, you are akin to a cherished family member exploring our corner of the world. Our guiding principle is simple: "No Stress." We transform your tour into a delightful, interactive, and educational experience for both kids and groups alike. With us, it's not just a tour; it's an enjoyable journey. As Licensed Guides, we curate your itinerary, drawing upon our wealth of experience to ensure your stay is truly one-of-a-kind. Choose us for a seamless, stress-free adventure that leaves you with lasting memories.

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TOURDCWITHUS LLC is our Tour company that specializes in Educational and Private Tours in Washington, D.C., Philly, New York, Boston and more!

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VAFELTRE TOURS  is where we specialize in Private Guided Tours to Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Croatia, Austria, France, and more.


We're not your average tour company; we're a family. Our small, close-knit team prioritizes quality over quantity, ensuring your journey is exceptional. With 20+ years of experience and top-notch guides, we make dreams come true. Our tour consultant is also your guide, creating a stress-free, customized itinerary.

Your safety is paramount. We're in constant touch with industry experts and offer comprehensive travel insurance. Explore our reviews from teachers past and present. Join our family and turn your dreams into cherished memories.


"Lorna is exactly what you want in a tour guide. I expected her to be knowledgeable about the historical sites of Washington DC. Where she excelled is how easily she edited schedules on a dime if things such as inclement weather or unexpected closings occur. Great personality, kind...definitely felt like family by the end of the trip."
Middle School Tour with 110 people over 4 days


"Lorna did an outstanding job showing our students and chaperones around the city. Lorna was a wealth of knowledge and kept our middle schoolers and adults alike entertained. I would highly recommend her to others looking for a great tour!"
Middle School Washington DC Tour

Lorna Holland.

Tour Director/Guide. English & Italian Language Guide
Lorna has over 20 years experience in tourism in over 30 different countries. She specializes in family based , Student groups, Corporate & Diplomatic Tours. 

Cel: 571-239-3889

Dante Zambrano Cassella

Tour Director/Guide. English, Spanish, & Italian Language Guide
Dante has over 20 years experience guiding tours in Europe, South America and USA. He loves showing our Nations Capital to people from all over the world.

Cel: 703-209-0669


Get to KNOW us!

The best way to know about our Tour Family is to visit our YouTube Channel. We have videos of our Travels, Past Tours, Unknown Locations, Travel Tips, and more! See some of our latest videos:

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